Document Classification and Verification

In most organisations have thousands of documents being sent in on a weekly basis. Knowing that these are valid documents and are classified as the required document for a specific purpose. Our Document processing has the following capabilities in recognising different document types. 

  • What type of document?
    • Credit Card Statement
    • Bank Statement 
    • Utility Bill
    • Drivers License
    • Passport
  • Which organisation or country issued it?
    • Which bank or financial institution
    • Country of Issue
    • Company
  • Was it an original, scan or download?
  • What device created the document?

From all of the above we can classify the document and specific attributes that give confidence that this document is sufficient for the requirements. Where there are issues they can be highlighted automatically for more detailed assessment.  The more documents that pass through the system the more accurate the system can assess if a manual review is required.  Our technology can compare attributes from similar documents to find anomalies that might require investigation. 

Fraud Detection

Identity theft is becoming more and more of a problem and the ability to detect it can often require years of expertise to recognise. Our document classification processes has an added benefits in that fake documents as well as real documents can be passed through to teach the system to detect the fakes. With a reasonable sample data set our software can detect fake documents better than experienced staff.

Data Capture

Quality of AML and KYC data is one of the biggest audit items being raised as compliance teams review their Customer Due Diligence processes. As well as data entry errors there is a significant FTE requirement to manually enter the data from the documents provided. Some organisation are double keying this to identify data entry anomalies, but this then adds to the manual effort required. We can automate the checking by scanning documents for key data elements and comparing those with the data entered on the systems. We can either flag these issues, or update the data directly from the documents. When document scanning it used earlier in the process we can remove the need to enter data altogether and capture the data from the documents provided.  

It is possible to add our document capture technology into existing web processes and mobile applications to remove the need for customers to enter all the details required. Instead scan their drivers license and you have all their personal details, then scan a utility bill for confirmation of address and finally scan their bank statement and payslip to assess their financial situation. We can even use transnational data to highlight and classify significant monthly outgoings and get a feel for their financial position. All the data scanned can be integrated with or passed to down stream boarding systems. 


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