SureHub Salesforce Plugin

One of the biggest uses for our solutions is to augment existing salesforce workflows. Whether this is to integrate a 3rd party API, or to process inbound emails and extract data from them, Salesforce is everywhere. Our plugin recognizes the ubiquity of Salesforce and has created simple integration into and out of Salesforce.  Our Saleforce plugin can be triggered by any event or criteria within salesforce and can create a workflow to do anything.

Popular Workflows include:

  • Adobe eSign integration
  • Calling 3rd party APIs
  • Storing data in a 3rd party database
  • Scanning data from emailed PDFs and updating Salesforce
  • Creating a Webform to verify or gather additional information

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Do you receive thousands of documents a month? Are you manually entering or comparing details on documents? Our Document identification and scanning solutions capture important data elements and pass these to you workflows.

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