SureHub : Process Automation Engine

Our goal is to automate 90% of all manual tasks using our Artificial Intelligence driven automation.

SureHub is a modern workflow engine that allows you to define complex workflows and incorporate data automatically from a myriad of sources. Based on the combination of results retrieved from these sources an automated decision will determine the next step. In 90% of cases we hope the next step is automated.

All you need to do is setup your rules, push cases into the system and watch them flow through. When you find a scenario you hadn’t foreseen the system alerts you to manually review and update the workflow to handle the additional scenario. Over time the system learns to automatically know the appropriate route cutting down on manual intervention.

Worried about invalid cases going through, switch on verification mode for one or all rules. This creates a manual verification queue which can be processed by a quality control team to verify that the correct decision is being made.

Start with small labour intensive or complex parts of the process to ensure that validations, cross checks and reconciliations are correct. Create a full an automated audit trail of all decisions made and the data used to make them. Due to our ability to integrate into exist processes Surehub can be introduced gradually to alleviate bottlenecks in your existing processes and free people up for other tasks.

What can SureHub do?

  • Scan documents for key information such as:
    • Address Data
    • Account Numbers
    • Statement Date
    • Sum of all Debits and Credits from a statement
    • Date of Birth
  • Compare data elements and highlight or fix discrepancies
    • Address Matching
    • Phone Numbers
    • Account Numbers
    • Age Verificaton
  • Integrate to 3rd party systems
    • Automated Credit Checks
    • AML database checks
    • Company Databases
  • Automated Agreement Production
    • Create Agreements from templates
    • Send automatically for signature
    • Create automated events on signing
    • Automatically Chase for signature
    • Capture signed documents and add to the workflow for review
  • Salesforce Integration
    • Use Salesforce to trigger automation tasks
    • Update data within sales force
    • Create automated quality score from Salesforce data
    • Automatically create manual follow up tasks

All of the above can be done with no coding, allowing the business to build and manage workflows quickly.