SureDatum AML/KYC Services

Are you struggling to keep on top of your AML and KYC obligations. We understand the costs involved in managing this. In most cases this is managed using email attachments and phone calls with Quality Control requesting additional documents or better quality scans.  Then after the fact when generating reports on what documents are on file you realise that this information is not available. This means that as your criteria and requirements change you are unsure about which customers are compliant and which are not.

SureDatum have been working with many organisations to create AML and KYC solutions.  From this we have built technology and services to solve many of the headaches associated with keeping track of your AML and KYC obligations. We understand that much has been invested in your existing processes and we can fill some of the gaps or you can completely outsource the gathering and management of your AML and KYC obligations. The following outlines some of the technology and services we can offer.

  • Use our ID verification technology to capture ID documents and automatically do facial recognition.
  • Scan Bank Statments, Utility Bills and other KYC documents to automatically capture


The benefits of our KYC/AML services include:

Dedicated Team

SureDatum have a team dedicated to KYC/AML allowing you to focus on your core business.

Cost Effective

Our technology and processes have been created over years with multiple organisations to provide cost effective solutions tailored to your needs.

We Are The Experts

Not clear exactly what you need for Fed, CBI, ECB, BoE, we’ve already dealt with them and have clear criteria for compliance. If you also need to comply with specific acts we can tailor solutions to meet any combination of criteria. from SOX,  through to GDPR we ensure that your CDD processes are in line or exceed regulatory or legal requirements. However, we find that our standard process for companies and individuals is very comprehensive.

Focus on your business

Compliance is not a revenue generating part of your business, having to update systems and additional processes to cater for all the changes is expensive and takes focus away from more business critical issues. Knowing that this is under control allows you to focus back on the important things like signature to revenue targets that used to be the priorities before compliance became the No. 1 initiative.

Oracle License Services

Let SureDatum manage your AML and KYC compliance.

Replace manual task with automated tasks

Keep track of open processes with our powerful case and workflow management solution.

Already invested in SalesForce? We can can make working with Salesforce even better

Our Artificial Intelligence Decision Engine provides support for complex decisions ensuring decisions align with policies

Do you receive thousands of documents a month? Are you manually entering or comparing details on documents? Our Document identification and scanning solutions capture important data elements and pass these to you workflows.

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